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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 5, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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we are live at election night parties as bay area voters keep close watch on returns. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. one big race is too close to call. take a look at the numbers on proposition 29, it would impose
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an additional tax of $1 on cigarettes. in other races mitt romney is the winner of california's republican primary. we're also streaming live results at and at the bottom of your screen. >> first the race for president and no surprise here. mitt romney easily won the support of californians. romney is the presumpive nominee and he'sing four out of five votes in california. he also won montana, new jersey, new mexico and in south dakota. romney was in texas today a state that's been very good to him. so far his two day visit has paid off with a $15 million boost to his campaign and he's
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got more fundraisers scheduled for tomorrow. in a speech today, romney said president obama must be defeated in november. >> i am convinced this man is out of ideas. i know he's out of excuses and in 2012 you're going to make sure we vote him out of office. >> reporter: romney also made a specific appeal to latino voters. he said they've been hit especially hard during the obama administration. heather holmes is live where she's watching returns. >> reporter: the could has thinned out quite significantly but earlier in the evening this room was packed. the adrenaline going, the enthusiasm going, they are energize and starting tomorrow their focus will shift on the november election. members of the san francisco republican party liked the headlines that appeared on the
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tv screens and that came across on their smart phones, romney wins. we talked to candidates running for office. these republicans know the odds are stacked against them. but they believe they can push romney to victory. while dillan knows it is unlikely she will win, they're more -- >> i think people are tired of the spending policies and are really to tighten their fiscal belts. >> reporter: dhillon says the
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party is strategize on how to get support. romney's victory tonight brings his delegates to 1,398. the other candidates have either dropped out or taken their name out but still have votes in their name. the latest employment numbers showed a slow. local democrats are talking about the president's chances at a second term, eric rasmussen has the story. >> reporter: we can show you there's still a passionate
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group that has filled the firefighters union hall as they watch the results coming on the screen. folks here say the democratic is already rallying behind the president. there's plenty of optimism about holding on to the white house. >> i'm going to do everything i can to get obama reelected. >> bill quirk is running for senate but is not just campaigning for himself. as they watched results pour. they insist democrats are
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enthusiasm. volunteers know getting out the vote will once again be critical. national polls show mr. obama with a slim lead. >> there's still a lot of work to be done. you can never tell until the epd i -- end. you have to hold on to the end. the president had private meetings in advance to his visit in the bay area. eric rasmussen. the republican governor survived a recall effort tonight foundly defeating democratic challenger tom barrett who is the mayor of milwaukee. >> welcome governor walker. balker is only the third governor in u.s. history to face a recall and now he is the
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first to successfully fend it off. walker became a lightning rod for the anger of unions and progressives last year when he stripped unions. >> thank you to everyone. >> barrett said tonight the state remains divided. political analyst says governor walker's win could give republicans a boost heading into november and put wisconsin in play when it comes to the republican nomination. we're also watching returns
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in the 48 bay area districts. >> and ken wayne is at the big board. >> jared huffman is in the lead with 38% he is followed by dan roberts a republican with 16% and solomon. this is the walnut creek area represented by john garamendi and he's out in front with 52% of the vote. we move on to district five, that is the napa santa rosa area, that is represented by mike thompson, here we go vallejo, napa, santa rosa area he's out in front with 72%. the last one we're looking at this was tightly contested a few years ago. remember richard pombo had that seat and right now it's owned
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by jerry mcnerney. he has two challengers. we're going to keep an eye on races coming up. at 6:30 we're going to be looking at the peninsula. in particular one candidate who's been in office for 30 years. he has some challengers tonight, we'll see how he's doing. rote now proposition 28 is passing by a large -- right now proposition 28 is passing by a large margin. right now they can be in one house then the other for a total of 14 years. prop 29 the big money issue and the latest returns show that it is too close to call. it would add a dollar tax to a pack of cigarettes to add money for cancer research.
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debra villalon is gathering reaction. we're going to take you the a bay area gathering where that vote is being closely watched this evening. >> reporter: turn out for this the election could turp -- turn out a record low. jana katsuyama is live where it's very busy after a slow day at the polls. >> reporter: we just hit a little bit of a low here. they did say that it looks like voter turn out is low. but the bulk of ballots is supposed to be coming in. we're in the warehouse where all those ballots are going to be coming in. you have a visitor area where you can view the proceedings. right now they're just waiting for the next truckload to come in. this is where all those paper ballots and computer cards with the paper ballots are counted.
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they're estimating that the turn out here was about 40% of the voters who cast a ballot today. polling places were quiet today. the voter turn out was down. >> it's been kind oversteady but slow. we've had people drop in one or two at times over the last hour. >> reporter: registrar steve weir called the turn out anemic. >> this is the lowest we've had for a presidential election in the last 30 years. >> reporter: he says most of the votes today likely will come from mail in ballots. about 50% of contra costa residents signed up to vote by mail. those who did go to the polls today say they feel it's important that people vote in every election. >> i'm giddy to vote, i haven't missed an election yet. >> this is the first time i bet to vote because i'm a new
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citizen. i'm very excited. >> reporter: that's in preparation for the crowds they're expecting for the big presidential election. >> trying to get it out of people's garages and get people more in a public place. >> reporter: there are 54 of these election workers who are here waiting the bulk of the ballots have not yet arrived here at the contra costa county processing warehouse. a lot of them are just waiting to get this but they say it could be well past midnight when they're finished with this stage of the process. reporting live in martinez, jana katsuyama. only 3 million of the state's voters were expected to cast ballots today. we asked some people what kept them away from the voting booth. >> i normally do vote, but i
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couldn't get out to the polls. >> it's a waste of my time at this point. seems like both of the candidates are locked in. and i don't smoke. >> reporter: one person we spoke with said he did vote because he felt he couldn't complain about political issues unless he cast a ballot. san mateo county ballots are weighing in on three new taxes aimed at tourists and businesses. each measure needs a simple majority to pass. take a look at the current numbers. right now measure t is too close to call. -t it would levy a 2.4% tax on the revenue of car rental companies in unincorporated portions of san mateo county. right now the no vote there
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will is ahead. support ers say the tax would bring in needed revenue. supporters say this measure alone could raise $5 million a year. opponents say the added expense would end up getting passed on to consumers. we're just getting started this election night. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we're constantly getting updated numbers on all the races. one of the hot issues on the south bay. a pension reform that's generating a lot of controversy. you can also visit any time you will find realtime election results for every bay area community and additional content over under the politics tab. we have another decision to talk to you about, the case is
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now headed today the u.s. supreme court. the federal appeals court in san francisco has set the stage for a long awaited landmark decision. at the ninth circuit court of appeals the judge decided not to decide. they found proposition eight discriminatory and unconstitutional. >> it means that a majority of the active judges on the ninth circuit didn't think that it was worth revisiting the question. >> reporter: this afternoon's supporters of prop eight which defines marijuana between a man and woman said they plan to take the case to the supreme court. that's where these cases will ultimately be decided no matter what the lower courts have decided one way or the other will appeal it. supporters of the same-sex marriage ban issued this statement. we are pleased to petition the court to hear this case.
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the cases get to the supreme court more quickly. >> we certainly don't know if the supreme court will take the case. it certainly means what the supreme court will decide to do with this case will come sooner. >> marriage has been seen as a fundamental right. it'll be very difficult for the court to say it's a fundamental right for everyone expect gays and lesbian. >> reporter: a final decision on proposition eight could be ready a year from now. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details on the prop eight decision, california lieutenant governor and former san francisco mayor released a statement today saying quote we must continue the fight until every californian is afforded
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the same liberty no matter how they look, where they live or who they love. new at 10:00, a somber vigil in emeryville where a family is in mourning after an 18-year-old girl was shot and killed inside their home. amber lee talked to family members who believe the violence stemmed from a relationship. amber. >> reporter: julie the 18-year- old was killed in her own home here along 47th street. tonight her family hopes what happen to her h -- will be a wake up call to other women. >> with heavy hearts family and friends gathered to remember toranda jones. they describe her as a girl who would light up a room but that light went out yesterday. >> i don't know what to do without my sister, we grew up together. it was a complete shock to me, i'm still in shock. >> reporter: jones says a friend discovered taranda in her bedroom. she had been shot in the chest. they suspect that her 18-year- old boyfriend may be
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responsible for her killing. >> she called me crying like two weeks ago crying because he pushed her and called her names, bad names. >> i just want to know why, what could she have done to make you so mad. it don't make sense. >> reporter: torranda was a varsity basketball player but that her school work began to sufferer when she started meeting a boy from school. she stopped going to classes and eventually returned to an alternative high school. she posed for this photo with friends during a tour of cal state monterey bay. >> she was real excited because she wanted to go to that school. >> reporter: but family members say there were warning signs, torranda's boyfriend used to take her cell phone away. now they wish they could have done more. >> sorry i didn't try hard enough. sorry i didn't try hard enough. >> reporter: family members say they want her killer caught and
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brought to justice. they are looking for that 18- year-old man but asked us not to release his name so as not to jeopardize their investigation. amber lee, ktvu. a police chase and an extensive search of a west oakland neighborhood this afternoon ended with the arrest of a man police identified as a wanted parolee. news chopper 2 is overhead as they arrested eddy rodriguez. they spotted rodriguez driving in a car with another man when officers went to pull the car over they said the driver sped off crashing on martin luther king way. an 18-year-old was arrested there, but rodriguez took off running. he was eventually found hiding behind an auto repair shop. we can now tell you how a felon was caught. 41-year-old thomas arronas sur
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rended at around 3:00 this morning. he briefly took three people hostage at high street. the incident began at 9:00 yesterday when arronafireed at a deputy who had tried to pull him over in a car. the district attorney is expected to file charges against arrona tomorrow. u.s. stock markets posted gains today. the dow jones gained 26 points, the nasdaq gained 18 points. they searched for solutions for the european debt crisis. a little bit warmer today but the breezes are still out there. contra costa county right now, here's concord, danville, out toward vacaville. the readings are gusting to 22 miles per hour out of the west. so some cool air moving on shore. there's no fog offshore right now. but it should reform in the next few days. these are the highs that were recorded today. highs tomorrow, they're coming up. so temperatures we saw today
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just in the 60s and low 70s. highs tomorrow we're going to see upper 70s maybe low 80s. big weather story, very cool to get off. temperatures are going to get down to the mid-40s in the coldest spots. so as you head out to school grab a jacket. we're going to have the complete forecast. the four day celebration of queen elizabeth diamond jubilee wrapped up today. she and her immediate family appear on the balcony of buckingham palace to the cheers. in a rare speech, the queen said the past four days have been a humbling experience. there's still much more ahead coming up. how volunteers are keeping hope alive in their search for missing teenager sierra lamar.
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the polls are closed, the ballots are being counted. what san jose voters had to say about measure b pension reform. but first results on two bay area sales tax measures. hello?
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the contentious issue of reform is on the ballot. right now measure b is winning by a large margin as you can see there. it's been ahead ever since the polls closed holding steady at 71% and it is getting no signs of getting closer.
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lloyd lacuesta live where this is seen as a big victory for san jose major chuck reed. >> reporter: san francisco, -- frank, i am at the reg star of voters and as you can see they're counting ballots. san jose major chuck reed has been the flag barer -- mayor chuck reed has been the flag bearer for measure b. >> it's going to save the city of san jose billions of the dollars. that's really important to see san jose so we can return to restore services. there is ways to deal with this problem that's plaguing the country. >> reporter: would limit retirement benefits for future hires and make current employees pay more for benefits.
11:56 pm
>> it will likely be challenged in court, the mayor himself has said that that he's going to take it to court to see where the legalities sit on it. that in and of itself is a waste of money. >> reporter: if measure b passes, it will give incentives for other cities to try the same tactic. and as of now measure b is passing overwhelmingly. lloyd lacuesta. it appears that voters in santa clara county are on track to approve measure a. that measure gives the board of supervisors more flexibility. the measure is looking to look at restructuring of the jails. measure a would require competitive bidding for garbage
11:57 pm
collection. it would divide the collection for five different contracts. such as commercial or residential building. measure b is a nonbinding resolutions. right now it is passing. it asks that money raised in coit tower be used to update murals inside that date back to the depression. volunteers in morgan hill are not giving up hope of finding 15-year-old sierra lamar. search teams will meet. everyone looking to take part of the search is asked to wear long pants, long sleeves and bring along drinks and snacks. torrez is due back in court on july 10th. loud outbursts at a city council meeting tonight. how a proclamation on gay pride
11:58 pm
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proposition 29 the tobacco tax caused the most attention. all night long the numbers have shown this is a very close race. the yes vote is holding on to a slim lead but the vote yes 29 is too close to call.
12:01 am
debra villalon is live from a watch party. >> reporter: we have health and research groups, they want to see cigarettes soar to more than $7 a pack. and if that causes people to quit, well done. the american cancer society and lung association wrote prop 29 taking on the tobacco industry. >> we believe in the california public that they really are smart enough to see through those ads but we're optimistic. >> reporter: ads against prop 29 lit up tv screens. calling the proposition fraud. >> who do you trust to save lives? >> reporter: but backers countered with lance armstrong and others exposing big tobacco's role and noted only
12:02 am
smokers pay the tax. >> keeping kids from smoking and really funding critical programs. >> reporter: unchanged for more than a decade, 32 other states are higher. slapping on $1 would raise $729 million a year. in california opponents are also watching results, recent polls were not in their favor but the margin has been tightening. >> cancer research is something we're all concerned about but it's a national problem. it should be solved with money from federal government and all the money comes from the federal government. shouldn't be solved alone be california. >> reporter: only 25% of california smokes. almost a billion packs a cigarettes sold a year. if 29 passes it takes effect in four months so we may see a run on cigarettes as smokers stockpile at the lower price.
12:03 am
we're live at lafayette, debra villalon. now here's a look at the latest return for proposition 28. prop 28 is passing by a wide margin but once again these are early returns. the proposition could reduce the time a congressional member can serve. let's go back to ken wayne at the big board. >> one of those big districts is pete stark's district he went back to congress in 1973 and he's fighting for his political life. he's in district number 19. the fremont area right here. let's see how he's doing right now. there are only 2% of the votes and this is one of the closest races we've seen to far tonight. pete stark ahead. 43% over his democratic challenger eric swawell.
12:04 am
and the independ chris pareja has 21%. now we're in the heart of san jose down here, this is mike honda's seat. he's had the seat for a decade. he's doing fine. way out in front. 67% in front of evelyn lee. and that's anna eshido's seat. this has changed quite a bit. just a little pocket here mountain view, palo alto area but look at all of this goes downright into santa cruz county. so this is really a diverse district. but anna eshudo still hanging on. finally we want to go to the 19th district. this is deep in south part of san jose, santa clara county and this is sow lofgren's seat is she's well off in front of her challengers. coming up in about 15 minutes we're going to take a look at
12:05 am
the seats in san francisco and oakland. particularly nancy pelosi and barbara lee and see how they're doing at about 10:45. our election coverage continues at we are constantly updating our numbers right now on all of our races tonight. just look for the links on the home page. tonight at 10:45, president obama's return to the bay area tomorrow. we're going to detail another whirlwind visit and why it may attract some protesters. new at 10:00, a shouting match broke out at the city council meeting. and it involved a man who said he believes gays are going to hell. this is not the first time mark wase nburg made his feelings heard. >> i have the right to say anything i want as long as i don't make no verbal threats against anybody and i haven't.
12:06 am
>> reporter: tonight's meeting included a large number of lgbt supporters calling for a united stand against homo phobia. a man that was called a successor to osama bin laden is dead. there's confirmation he was killed in a u.s. drone. the white house says his death was a major blow to the terror group and called him it operational leader. neither the u.s. or pakistan explained how they are certain he's dead. alibi joined al-qaida after escaping a u.s. military prison back in 2005. former first lady nancy reagan observed a somber anniversary today. it's the fifth anniversary of her husband's death.
12:07 am
the break-in that's left one community group with a big mess. >> back here in 10 minutes i have your wednesday forecast that's going to include some increasing temperatures. i'll show you how you're going down! it's all over! no!
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it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them. americans suffer with a deadly disease. i was one of them. my disease was obesity and after consulting with my doctor, i received the effective treatment i needed.
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please join the obesity action coalition to acknowledge obesity as a disease visit obesity action dot org to sign an open letter pledging your support and for more information about how to talk to your doctor about weight loss and treatment options. together we can make a choice to end obesity now. a public service from the obesity action coalition. the planet venus caused quite a commotion today crossed between the earth and the sun in an event called the transit. it won't happen again for 105 years. one nasa scientist said it was
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thrilling to see it firsthand. >> astronomers look through telescopes, we rarely get to see it live. >> reporter: it was still going on at sunset and will finish tomorrow morning in east africa southern asian and western australia. at we posted more video of this evening's transit of venus. you can look for it right there on the home page. the move for enterprise is being a little more difficult than thought. poor weather today delayed its move to the u.s.s intrepid. enterprise was actually a protoe type and never flew in space. in news of the world tonight. flash floodings swept through the western part of the
12:11 am
country. it started in the middle of nights and many homes were flooded. soldiers were called out to build levees. one villager said he hasn't seen such heavy flooding in years. in peru the supreme court says vandersloot can be extradited to the u.s. but only after he serves his 28 year sentence for the murder of a peruvian woman. he's accused of trying to extort money from the money of missing teenager holloway in exchange for the location of her body. she vanished in aruba in 2005. an experimental solar panel plane took off from madrid and flew to morocco. it was the first transcontinental flight for that plane. an around the world flight is the next project. it costs about $100 million. workers at an east bay
12:12 am
nonprofit are struggling to stay open after thieves stole every sort of electronic gear that could be taken away. the thieves broke into the boxing association. they stole telephones, a wii gaming system and boxing equipment. >> they basically wiped out anything we had of any value and what was left was on the floor. everything was thrown on the floor. >> reporter: the eaba is lots more than a sports club, there's a community garden and a partnership with the community fund. hackers get into mitt romney's e-mail account. plus-- >> the bustle of the financial district today will look much different as the president visits to raise more cash. >> warmer weather on the way,
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rethink possible.
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just two weeks after visiting the bay area president oe obama is scheduled to return tomorrow on a very brief fund raising stop. most of the money president obama raises here will be spent in other states. the only signs that the president will be here on market street tomorrow are the no parking signs. st in the bay area on may 24th for private fundraisers that netted $24 million. he is back to do it again to fund his national campaign. >> he's going to have to raise a lot of money. they're talking about raising $1 billion. >> reporter: he will attend a fundraiser at the merchants.
12:16 am
then another at one plaza. >> most of us won't see him. there won't be big campaign rallies. there won't be big events. >> reporter: all the money the president and mitt romney raise will be spent out of state. unlike other private fundraisers, the president's fundraisers will see protests. >> the idea of coming to san francisco is something i think doesn't bother the president one bit. >> reporter: the president will head to southern california then on to nevada where he will have a public speaking evident. nevada unlike california is expected to be contested in november. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu news. mitt romney's personal e- mail account may have been
12:17 am
hacked. an anonymous tipster claims to have gained access to the hot mail address. romney's campaign said the proper authorities are now looking into the matter. back now to more of the congressional races on the ballot here in the bay area. >> ktvu's ken wayne has been keeping a look at the ballots. >> we're talking about long time familiar faces in the bay area. george miller has been in congress since 1975 up for reelection again has a comfortable lead. he's out in front by 58%. now we're going to move over to district 12, you know this territory. san francisco former speaker of house nancy pelosi now way out
12:18 am
front. 74% lead in her district. lee, used to work are dellums comfortably out in front. jack key speier, and down the peninsula she's way out in front with a 74% lead and there are her challengers as well. these incumbents are doing well. the only real close race we looked at was pete stark but that was with 52% of the race. coming up we're going to go outside of the california as the biggest race of the nation right now that is in wisconsin. the fight of the recall of the republican governor. we'll have that for you at 11:45. our election coverage continues online on we are constantly updating our numbers on all of the races. just look for the links right there on the home page. a father and his two sons are dead after a tornado ripped through a mobile home in south eastern missouri about 100 miles south of st. louis.
12:19 am
the national weather service says the storm produced winds of up to 115 miles per hour. 70-year-old lloyd miller and 50 and 48-year-old sons were inside at the time. the storm struck missouri, illinois and kentucky late monday. and a nice looking day today, it was warmer than yesterday. no rain obviously. temperatures on the increase. they came up about 5 degrees today. they are going to come up about 10 degrees tomorrow. winds gusting to 25 miles per hour. they're coming out of the west so you have a wind just like this. it's very windy along the coast. windy at the delta as well. overnight lows tonight are going to be in the 40s. you will notice it as you head out to work or school early. mid-40s this time of year, it's chilly. this is june. you don't expect that. most of our temperatures this time of year in the mid-50s. a cool start as it was this morning. the weather system stays to the north of us.
12:20 am
because that we're going to see more sunshine. fog trying to reform but it's not out there right now. it's clear out in the richmond district, it's clear out. we're looking at a pretty good day with plenty of sunshine and cool start. tomorrow is going to be warmer by about 5 degrees. the weekend looks good. in san francisco about 64 degrees for a high. you hop out the bay, upper 60s. you go over the next set of hills, east bay hills and you get mid-70s, upper 70s and low 80s. tomorrow continues that warming. and it's not going to get hot it's just going to get warmer. the high builds in and temperatures go up. that's where we were today, where we were yesterday, where we are today and where we go wednesday. that line is continuing upward. tomorrow we could see a couple of low 80s. these are the forecast highs tomorrow. 78 in fairfield, 86 in clear
12:21 am
lake. nice day tomorrow. hills are still kind of green. we got a little rain yesterday and that clears out a little bit. you get the rain like that and it flushes out the atmosphere. knocks out some of the tree pollen and grass pollen. tree pollens are coming down. 77 in morgan hill, 78 in gilroy, then along the coast like i said pacifica, half-moon bay there's no fog there. there's no patchy fog. i think tomorrow we will see some of that develop. your bay area weekend in view, last week we had lots of 90s, this week not that hot. lots of 80s, some high 70s. >> you can't complain with high 70s and 80s. it's perfect. thank you bill. >> thank you bill. whitney houston's final song is coming out. plus-- >> another graduation story but this one isn't ordinary. it's full of heart one you will not want to miss. >> but first the latest numbers on three local sales tax measures considered today.
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an extra special graduation today for a bay area teenager. it wasn't made at his high school but at the place that made sure he lived to see this place. rita williams first told you about his story last month and today she has this happy beginning. >> twice this graduation almost didn't happen. >> that's your scholarship. >> reporter: it's certainly not because william willey isn't smart enough. he has two scholarships from du, n high school to attend uc san diego to study aerospace engineering. it's because twice this london born 17-year-old essentially died, his heart stopped beating. >> there were a lot of days where we really weren't sure he was going to make it. >> reporter: but that was his old heart. just a month ago he got a new
12:26 am
one. part of a rare trifecta here at the hospital. three donor hearts transplanted in three days into three young recipients. >> i was on isolation for about two days, they took me off of it last night and i'm glad i got to see a friend graduation. >> reporter: william knows someone died so he could live and he thanks them from the bottom of his new heart. >> from living, breathing, beating proof it saves lives. >> he's got a new lease at life. >> i would love to thank the donor family wholeheartedly. because without them william would not be here. >> reporter: if he continues to defy the acts he will walk out of here with a very grateful heart. rita williams, ktvu news. starting in 2013 children will no longer see junk food
12:27 am
when watching disney shows. the company says it's banning adds on its radios stations, websites and tv stations. >> whitney houston's final song is for sale today. houston died in her los angeles hotel room back in february. we're staying on a few minutes late this evening to bring you all of the results and when we come back new numbers on proposition 29. plus-- >> san francisco republicans they react to romney's numerous victories today. and we're with them as they start
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